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Holland Quiz

Discover Holland Quiz - A Quiz for the Embassy of          Netherlands

The Discover Holland Quiz was an initiative designed in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in India to highlight the Netherlands as a prime educational destination for Indian students. Aimed at undergraduates, the quiz sought to enlighten participants about the Dutch educational landscape, culture, and opportunities, thereby encouraging them to consider postgraduate studies in the Netherlands.

Strategic Development and Execution

Upon the embassy's request, we developed a comprehensive event strategy targeting undergraduate audiences in Delhi and Bangalore. The quiz was meticulously structured to cover various facets of the Netherlands, with the intent to educate and engage the audience in a meaningful exploration of the country.


Mr. Surya Narayanan, the co-founder of our company and the event's Quizmaster, played a pivotal role in conceptualizing the quiz. Renowned for his expertise and innovative approach, Quizmaster Surya Narayanan ensured that the content was both informative and engaging, attracting over 600 teams in Delhi and 800 in Bangalore.

Engagement and Outreach

The quiz events in both cities were complemented by a strategic social media campaign, reaching over 300,000 students and creating a buzz around the event and its educational focus. This digital engagement not only amplified the event's reach but also set the stage for a highly interactive and successful on-ground execution.

Educational Impact and Recognition

The event achieved significant success, as evidenced by the high participation rates and the positive feedback from attendees and dignitaries, including the Dutch Ambassador. The participants' ability to answer detailed follow-up questions demonstrated the effectiveness of the quiz in delivering substantive educational content.


Moreover, the winners' reception of paid trips to the Netherlands served as an additional incentive, reinforcing the educational bridge between India and the Netherlands.

A Benchmark for Educational Promotion

The Discover Holland Quiz stands as a testament to the effective use of interactive platforms like quiz shows for educational promotion. Through this initiative, the Netherlands Embassy successfully engaged with a broad audience, fostering a deeper understanding of Dutch educational opportunities and cultural richness.

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