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Amul Quiz

Amul India - Verghese Kurien Memorial Quiz

In honor of Verghese Kurien Day on 26th November, recognized as National Milk Day, Amul India, the nation's largest dairy manufacturer, embarked on a knowledge initiative to engage school students through a unique quiz show. The event aimed to enrich students' knowledge on topics of food, dairy, and agriculture while simultaneously introducing them to Amul's diverse range of products.

Innovative Quiz Design and Execution

Tasked with the challenge, our quizmaster, Mr. Surya Narayanan, devised an inventive format that seamlessly integrated learning about Amul's products into the quiz, avoiding the pitfalls of direct promotion, which could detract from the educational experience. The quiz format was designed such that each round subtly highlighted an Amul product, presenting students with questions that were both informative and engaging, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the brand's offerings alongside core educational content.

Brand Engagement and Educational Impact

The success of the quiz was evident in the enthusiastic response from the students, who, intrigued by the engaging format, inquired further about Amul's products post-event. Notably, the introduction of Amul's new Chips brand, 'Puffles,' piqued considerable interest, leading to inquiries about purchase points. Furthermore, an observable increase in student visits to the Amul store in Coimbatore post-quiz highlighted the effective blend of education and brand engagement achieved through this quiz show.

A Model for Educational Brand Engagement

The quiz hosted by Mr. Surya Narayanan set a benchmark for how educational initiatives can be leveraged for brand engagement. Amul's strategic approach, emphasizing interactive learning and product integration, not only enhanced students' knowledge on subjects but also fostered a genuine interest in the brand's offerings, showcasing a model of marketing that is both informative and impactful.

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